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Quality Over Quantity When Posting On Social Media

Quality Over Quantity When Posting On Social Media

Tips and tricks for "stopping the scroll"

It has been often said that “quality over quantity” is the way to go in our everyday lives. Well, the same idea is relevant for the digital space and posting content on social media.

Producing content for the internet is an easy process, but posting quality content that stands out, establishes interest, engages your viewers and keeps them coming back to your page is a constant battle. In today’s digitalized society, social media is everywhere and information is constantly at our fingertips.

So, what does it take for a viewer to engage with your social media when there are so many other outlets producing similar content at the same time? How often does a person stop on a post for more than one second? What kind of posts catch the attention of a constant scroller before they are on to the next post?

Well, I’m here to tell you some tips and tricks for creating quality content that will not only grab the attention of the viewer, but also set your profile apart from the rest.

Take your photography skills up a notch. No, you don’t need a fancy camera to do this. Use your images to your advantage; they speak louder than words.

  • Establish a hero and remove distractions – The hero of the image is the bold, confident, eye-catching subject matter. Our eyes naturally like to wander to the “imperfections” in an photo, but if your goal is to keep the attention on the “hero,” remove those pesky irrelevant subjects. This will make the image easier to digest and create a more lasting impression
  • Editing – Don’t overproduce images. Over-edited images will produce a “fake” impression to the viewer and make the image look like stock footage. Displaying the natural beauty of every image will give it a “real” feel. Edit to enhance what is already given. Original on left. Edited on right.
  • Master portraits – Leave room for headspace and leave out the floor; your subject’s head is more important than the ground. Keep in mind the Rule of Thirds, a composition guideline that is provided on iPhones, SLR and DSLR cameras to give photographers direction on where to place the subject in a position that creates tension, interest and energy toward the image. Which one grabs your attention?

Stay up to date on trends in the media. Keep tabs on what’s new and catching users’ attention (e.g. video content outperforming still images on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook stories, or emerging platforms like BeReal growing among younger demographics).

Videography. Aim for short, mobile-user-friendly content. Tell a story in small, digestible amounts. No one wants to watch a movie on their mobile device while quickly scrolling through their feed, but they do want to see short, 5-15-second video clips.

Try not to overwhelm your viewers. A too-long caption or too many images can lead to a quick scroll right past your content. Keep it fun and informative, but also targeted and to the point.

Illustrate value for a targeted audience. Establishing a target audience for your content is an important step in understanding whom you want your content to reach. Once indicated, what values are important to that audience that will stop the scroll? Knowing how to tailor your social media platforms from generation to generation can set you apart from the competition.

Authenticity. Humanize your platforms. Nothing is worse than distinguishing premade posts from an “in the moment post,” but this happens often enough. And it’s easy to see. Viewers want authenticity and genuine content.

Don’t be afraid to take your time to produce social media content worth sharing. Keep in mind:

  • Does your content create value for the viewer?
  • Does it establish a visual interest?
  • Would you personally take the time to engage with this content?
  • Is your caption too long?
  • Do your images/videos have a hero?
  • Are your edits too drastic?
  • Does the content tell a story?
  • Does your content have a humanistic feel?


Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t click on it yourself, then it might not be the best quality.

If you would ever like to discuss more or maybe review your content together, I am more than happy to talk about any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to shoot me an email at and let’s start a conversation.

Alyssa Winter, Digital Marketing & PR Specialist