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Our January Donation to Needs, Inc. led by Fatma Inal-Falls

Type of Event: Food and Clothes Drive

Organization: Needs Inc

Outcome: It was rewarding to see our donations grow in only a week!

I would like to start by saying that we all have busy lives – deadlines to meet, projects to work on, families to take care of, and endless to-dos… It means so much to make a little extra time and effort to think about the communities we live in, to give a hand, help lift each other, and contribute to the greater good. Needs is a local organization that supports low income families with food and clothes. I helped facilitate a food/clothes drive for them. Folks, small contributions make a big difference: between the RMI team and our outreach to friends, we collected goods that equaled to $960 in just a week.

The director of Needs, Barbara’s message below says everything! Buying a pack of Mac’n Cheese won’t break you, but it will help feed a family! I thank everyone who took part in the drive. We are better together!

Several thousand residents of our community live at or below the Federal Poverty Level, unable to produce adequate income required to obtain the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, transportation and healthcare. The ultimate goal for our clients is to have them become self-sufficient. Statistics show that, for many families, the assistance they receive from Needs, Inc. has been pivotal in achieving that objective Thank you again for choosing Needs, Inc. to benefit from your compassion and generosity.”  

– Barbara Fecht

So friends, we encourage you to check their page out and consider them for your next donation – whether it’s small or big!

Written by: Fatma Inal-Falls, Global Marketing Manager

Take a peek behind the scenes: