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November Giveback Effort: Donation to Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Type: Monetary donation
Organization: Wyoming Wildlife Federation
Help to support Wyoming’s wildlife and public lands

For our November giveback effort, I nominated the Wyoming Wildlife Federation not only because their core values mirror our own, but because of their dedication and targeted efforts toward local wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunity conservation.

One of the (many) things I love most about my home state is its stunning natural beauty – the abundance of thriving wildlife and substantial outdoor recreation opportunities allow people the chance to feel connected to the land, something I – like many of us – value greatly and never take for granted.

Giving back to organizations that do so much for the wildlife and public lands for which Wyoming is so well-known is just one small way to show your support.

Consider donating to local land and wildlife conservation efforts today; it’s something you and many generations to come will be endlessly thankful for. At minimum, do as Wyomingites are taught and “leave the land better than you found it.” Whenever out exploring public lands, toss any trash you may find into your bag: You’ll not only help to restore the land to its natural state, but you just may be saving wildlife from potential harm.

Click here to support this organization. Learn more about RMI’s 30th Anniversary GiveBack Effort here.

About WWF: The Wyoming Wildlife Federation works to conserve Wyoming’s wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities. Members’ donations have made miles of wildlife-friendly fencing possible, protected wildlife migration corridors, and convinced legislators to include $3 million in the budget for wildlife crossings. 

This year alone, our donation helps to:

  • Connect 500 students with their local ecosystem
  • Protect North America’s longest ungulate migrations
  • Increase our hunting and angling access and opportunities

WWF Vision: 
The vision of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation is a Wyoming with well-conserved fish and wildlife populations, healthy habitats and engaged citizens.

WWF Core Values:

  • Trust – WWF is trusted, and our positions and opinions are used by diverse constituents.
  • Outcomes – WWF is focused on achieving outcomes. “We get things done.”
  • Respect – WWF communicates within the organization and outside in a manner that is respectful and focused on issues. WWF is respected by all stakeholders regarding wildlife issues.
  • Collaboration – WWF works with diverse groups in constructive dialog over conservation policy and science.
  • Honesty – WWF is honest and credible in all we do.
  • Engagement – WWF engages people in our work, leading to strong supporters, volunteers, advocates, staff and board.
  • Science – WWF makes decisions and policy recommendations based on the best available science.

Written by: Kim Snape, Global Marketing & PR Manager