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May Volunteer Effort: Greater Cheyenne Greenway

Type of Event: Community cleanup
Organizations: Greater Cheyenne Greenway
Outcome: The RMI crew helped beautify the community by cleaning up a section of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway.

Our plan to volunteer in the community each month to celebrate our 30th anniversary was slightly altered by COVID-19, and the past few months have been mostly monetary donations as we practiced quarantining and social distancing. So, for our May volunteer effort, we jumped at the chance to get outside and help clean up a favorite spot in the community – the Greater Cheyenne Greenway.

The Greenway includes 37 miles of paved, 10-foot-wide segments that loop through Cheyenne and provide a safe and often beautiful recreational corridor. Those of us who live in Cheyenne use the Greenway often, so this was a perfect project for us to take on.

We couldn’t have picked a nicer day for this – it was clear and sunny, and we spent about 2 hours picking up trash scattered by the notorious Wyoming wind. It didn’t look very messy at first glance, but we filled six contractor-size trash bags from our segment. This was the most physical volunteer project we’ve tackled yet, and we came away tired but proud to have contributed to the community and this beautiful recreation system in such a tangible way.

As the weather warms up, getting outside and being active (on the Greenway or elsewhere) is a great way to shake off the dreariness of the past few months. Just remember to keep an eye on your local COVID-19 guidelines and take proper safety precautions!

Written by: Nicole Lebsack, Creative Marketing Specialist