Staff Portfolio

Staff Portfolio

Mathias Jung

Owner and CEO

Mathias grew up in Torrington, Wyoming, and started his career at RMI on Valentine’s Day in 2006. He is a true entrepreneur and jack-of-all-trades. He’s occupied every position in the company, from coordinator and marketing manager early in his career to owner, director and chief accountant at present. Mathias administers more than 25 client programs in 18 countries, honing expertise in cooperative partnerships, tourism research, sales and international inbound travel marketing.

See some of his recent work below:

Since Mathias began his career at RMI, he has overseen rebrands of numerous clients and the company itself. In 2018, he contributed to the launch of the regional tourism cooperative brand The Great American West, a partnership between five Western states. In 2021, Mathias led the evolution of the company brand as well, taking the 31-year-old business from Rocky Mountain International to RMI, a modern company with more expansive marketing services.
Account Management
Mathias is well-rounded in account management, handling marketing plan implementation from inception, budget planning and coordination to final ROI reporting, invoicing and accounting. He is adept in communication, aligning with clients and vendors to execute programing that is on time and within budget to bring strong deliverables for all stakeholders. Most recently, he worked on several projects for the Colorado Tourism Office.
Tourism Research
Mathias has been a critical thought leader in the development of key research and technology solutions for the international tourism industry. Over the course of his career, he has been instrumental in advancing the RMI TRIP Report, a travel trade product audit and ROI report; and the RMI Database, a multifaceted tool that allows for increased efficiencies in record keeping, reporting and ROI calculations specific to the tourism marketing industry.
International Inbound Marketing
Mathias has overseen countless international tourism marketing plans in his 16-year career, and has coordinated attendance at international trade shows and sales missions across the globe. He has managed trade, media and consumer campaigns across seven top inbound tourism markets, delivering consistent ROI across multiple client sets.
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