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March Donation to Family Promise led by Mathias Jung

Type of Event: Monetary Donation

Organization: Family Promise

Outcome: Help Families

We switched things up a bit in our volunteering for the month of March in response to COVID-19. We all are going through hard times at the moment and we thought it is best to make a financial donation to a local charity in order to support families in need, especially when people are losing jobs. As we are social distancing, we thought it was best to donate money rather than volunteering out in the public.

The mission of Family Promise of Cheyenne is to provide children and their families, who are experiencing homelessness with emergency and ongoing shelter, meals and supportive services, through a unique partnership with various local faith communities. We hope families become self-sufficient through development of life coping skills and locating sustainable employment.

For the time being, Family Promise is housing families in hotels because they can’t stay in churches due to health concerns. To help cover the costs, Family Promise is seeking financial donations. You can contribute as low as you can afford to support those families.

To donate funds, head to Family Promise.

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