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July #GiveBack Effort: Donation to Civil Air Patrol, Wyoming Wing

Type of Volunteering: Monetary donation
Organization: Civil Air Patrol, Wyoming Wing
Outcome: Support Wyoming emergency services programs, cadet leadership and aerospace education

RMI is excited to #giveback and throw financial support behind the volunteer efforts of our Civil Air Patrol, Wyoming Wing. While the Civil Air Patrol is affiliated with the U.S. Air Force, most of the expenses for their programs are met through contributions from the pockets of their supporters.

Funds generated not only help with the publishing costs of their state publication, Wyoming Wings, they also help support the emergency services programs, which include search and rescue for down and missing aircraft, disaster relief, and airlifting of blood and donor organs. Funds also help the youth Cadet Leadership Program and Aerospace Education Training program.

RMI proudly supports the lifesaving efforts of our Civil Air Patrol. Their dedication to the ongoing mission of providing air search for downed and missing aircraft is especially appreciated. Thanks, and good luck!

More information on Civil Air Patrol, Wyoming Wing, can be found at their website at

Written by: Mathias Jung, CEO