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Is It Time To Rebrand?

Is It Time to Rebrand?

If you’re seeing this post, you probably already know that RMI recently underwent a total rebrand. (And if you don’t, give this blog post a read!)

On a grand scale, we opened our doors to a domestic audience and expanded our service offerings to reflect new skillsets in our team.

We also amped up our color scheme, modernized our font, and got rid of the old, dark green mountain branding we’ve been using in one form or another for decades.

While of course the first part is more important, a company’s visual branding is extremely significant as well. You’re telling the story of your company at a glance, and if you give the wrong impression, you may not get a second chance.

Rebrand vs. Refresh

Sometimes, as with RMI, your company makes such a wholesale change that you want to completely rebrand. We have a new team, new service offerings, and we officially changed our name from Rocky Mountain International to simply RMI. With such big changes at our core, it was appropriate to overhaul everything else, too.

However, such a big change can be a shock to your clients. If people don’t recognize your logo or your color scheme, they may not recognize their trusted partner. Rebrand sparingly and only for a big reason. If you haven’t made significant changes, you might be better off with a brand refresh instead. You can make subtle tweaks to your logo and website to freshen things up while still being recognizable. For example, Apple has kept its iconic brandmark for four-plus decades, only updating its colors here and there.

Experts recommend revisiting your branding every five years to make sure it doesn’t look outdated and that it still represents your company and its evolution. So what should you be looking for?

Signs Your Brand Needs an Update

  • You’ve outgrown your old branding: Maybe there’s nothing really wrong with your logo or website. But companies and brands naturally evolve. If your tagline, offerings or (of course!) your name has changed, it’s time to update.
  • It’s just old: If it’s been a decade since you got a new logo, it’s definitely time to freshen things up. Even a slight color or font change can make a big difference.
  • It’s trendy: Even if it looks fantastic now, trends change over time. If it looks very “now,” in six months it could look very “then.”
  • It doesn’t fit your current identity or vision: This was one of the big reasons RMI decided to change things up. We’ve built a new team with a whole new skillset and vision for the future, and we wanted our visual branding to represent what we can offer going forward.
  • It doesn’t tell your story: If it’s hard to read or the imagery doesn’t indicate what you do, it’s not helping your cause – and it may actually be hurting it.

Do you feel like it’s time for a rebrand? Have questions about whether your brand needs a refresh or a wholesale rebrand? Contact us! We can talk through your options and help you decide.

Until next time,

Nicole Lebsack, Creative Development & Communications Manager