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Consulting, Research and Insights

Consulting, Research and Insights

When It’s Time To Lean On Outside Expertise

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If you’re like me, you might dive head-first into projects and prefer knocking out the checklist right off the bat. However, there have been times when it’s hard to set the checklist and project specs (timeline, objectives, etc.) because more information is needed or I’m simply in need of an outside perspective to build an effective strategy. Times like these are when I lean on additional research and insights or consultation to save the day (which ends up saving me loads of wasted time).

Consulting can take many forms and is fairly custom to the situation. If you find yourself struggling to build or improve a marketing strategy, or just don’t have the staff resources to take it on yourself, marketing consultation can help lighten the load. From project development and implementation to analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, consultants can lift your efforts to ensure you’re reaching targeted audiences effectively and efficiently.

While marketing consultation can help you build a solid blueprint to get started, research and insights can provide important and specific information about the market you’re in, offering findings relevant to your brand. If you find yourself answering the big question: “Is it working?” with “I think so,” you need research and insights. Stop assuming what you’re doing is working and provide a sure answer to your return-on-investment. Research and insights are your right-hand man when it comes to shining a light on your path to success. It allows to identify growth areas, set key performance metrics, and show that your efforts are working.

Still not sure if you need marketing research and insights or consultation? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you identified your core KPIs? (If no, consultation)
  • Do your stakeholders want to see more details and reporting? (If yes, research and insights)
  • Does it feel like you’re spending too much time building marketing programs? (If yes, consultation)
  • Is it easy to show your ROI? (If no, consultation plus research and insights)
  • Do you ever tend to feel like you’re getting “stuck” anywhere in the marketing process? (If yes, consultation)

The team at RMI has over 55 years of collective marketing, PR and business development experience. We utilize research and data to discover actionable information about your business, target markets and more. And we follow up our work with solid reporting and proven ROI. We can spot problems and seek solutions on your behalf to evaluate your program and guide you to greater success.

Our team recently collaborated on an educational webinar series for domestic suppliers attending The Great American West’s annual tourism tradeshow International Roundup. The series consisted of in-depth trainings on working with international markets, identifying the key players, working with receptives and product pricing, reviewing current market trends and more. Check out the live example here.

From detailed reporting to industry trainings, our team can offer custom consulting, research and insights and much more. Keep us in mind as you look to grow and improve your marketing programs – a free initial consultation couldn’t hurt!

Kim Snape, Director of Global Programs