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Data Is King

Data Is King If You Aren’t Investing In Research, You’re Missing Out What are you even doing if you aren’t tracking every marketing dollar with a KPI (key performance indicator), data point, ROI measure or benchmark? It’s like throwing money into the wind! You’re doing yourself, your stakeholders and your business a disservice if you aren’t investing in research and tracking data to back up your sales and marketing efforts.… Read More »Data Is King

Social Media Tagging

A social tag is a way for a user to notify another account when it has been mentioned in a post. Tags can also be used for users to search for like content using similar vocabulary.

April Donation to Veterans of Foreign Wars & Cheyenne Animal Shelter

As we continue to find ways to celebrate our company’s 30th anniversary amidst the chaos of this pandemic, we’ve found a bright and shining light in being able to give back and support local organizations that do a lot of good in powerful ways. In times like these, coming together (even when staying apart) just does some good for the soul (and the world). For the month of April,  we… Read More »April Donation to Veterans of Foreign Wars & Cheyenne Animal Shelter