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Why Meetings Matter

Why Meetings Matter Benefits Include Human Interaction, Even Global Economy “Humans have a fundamental need to belong,” says Dr. Nathan DeWall, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky, “just as we have needs for positive and lasting relationships. This need is deeply rooted in our evolutionary history.” The need for creating and fostering meaningful connections is as old as the human race. Just take inventory of your own memory bank.… Read More »Why Meetings Matter

Consulting, Research and Insights

When it’s hard to set a checklist and project specs (timeline, objectives, etc.) because more information is needed, lean on additional research and insights or consultation to save the day.

When (And When Not) To Translate

If you’re serious about targeting international travelers, it’s time to think about translating some of your marketing materials into other languages.

Quality Over Quantity When Posting On Social Media

It has been often said that “quality over quantity” is the way to go in our everyday lives. Well, the same idea is relevant for the digital space and posting content on social media.

So You’ve Rebranded. Now What?

We published an “Is It Time To Rebrand?” blog post almost exactly a year ago on the heels of a complete RMI rebranding. And looking back on that time, we decided we needed a “Rebranding: Part 2” post because a rebrand isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning.

How to Expand Your Business

Growing a business is not easy, and it’s not for everyone; but owning and building a business is one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer.

Six Tips To Designing An Effective Website

Building an effective website in 2022 is much easier than it was even just ten years ago. You don’t necessarily need to hire multiple contractors to launch a successful website, and you most certainly don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars either.

How to Plan an Unforgettable Event

How to Plan an Unforgettable Event There is nothing quite like attending a thoughtfully planned and executed event. With the right amount of time, effort and resources, anyone can plan an occasion attendees will never forget. RMI recently coordinated a few ourselves: The annual International Roundup tradeshow (bringing in more than 100 people) and our very own Open House, showcasing our new office space. There are several key factors that… Read More »How to Plan an Unforgettable Event