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Branding 101 – Consistency is Key

Branding 101 – Consistency is Key

“Hey, haven’t I seen you around?”

This might be a classic pick-up-line, but if someone says this to you when talking about your brand, you can bet your marketing is, well, missing the mark.

As tourism destinations, we’re planting a tiny seed of wanderlust every time we introduce our brand to a new traveler. With a little luck and a lot of repetition, that wanderlust grows into an actual vacation, and suddenly money is being spent at our hotels, restaurants and attractions. So what’s one of the best ways to ensure we’re building strong brand recognition? It’s all about consistency.

Inconsistent branding causes multiple problems:

  1. Lack of professionalism: It’s the fastest way to look like you don’t have your act together.
  2. Damages trust: When we look scatterbrained, people question our messaging and are hesitant to engage with us.
  3. No lasting impression: They can’t remember who we are and what we stand for.

Our brand tells our story. We need to hold true to our messaging and find consistent ways to share this with potential visitors. Are you confident that you’re delivering a consistent brand message at every consumer touchpoint?

Keep these simple steps in mind when marketing your brand:

  1. Build your bible: Every organization needs a branding guidebook that outlines how your image should be used – from logo usage and taglines to branding story and voice.
  2. Consider all platforms: Create brand consistency literally everywhere – web and social, advertising and PR, sales kits, corporate documents, email signatures, invoices, etc. Never stop auditing and implement proper branding across your entire organization.
  3. Check your authenticity: The best brands work because they are real. If your message is falling flat, make sure your brand is a genuine representation of your destination, and don’t be afraid to make changes until you get it right.


RMI is proud to be the “brand czar” for many of our clients, protecting their brand stories and helping them keep brand consistency across all marketing efforts. We can do the same for you! Whether you’re looking to start from scratch with a re-branding overhaul or simply need to tighten up your current brand presentation, RMI is here to help.

Let’s connect because I swear, I’ve seen you around … 😉

– Lori Yunker, Marketing Director