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April Donation to Veterans of Foreign Wars & Cheyenne Animal Shelter

As we continue to find ways to celebrate our company’s 30th anniversary amidst the chaos of this pandemic, we’ve found a bright and shining light in being able to give back and support local organizations that do a lot of good in powerful ways. In times like these, coming together (even when staying apart) just does some good for the soul (and the world).

For the month of April,  we ended up selecting two organizations to support.

Type of Event: Support Small/Local Businesses
Organizations: Cheyenne Animal Shelter & Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Wyoming
Outcome: Support small and local businesses while giving back to the community

Small or big, every business has been impacted by the quarantine and stay-home-orders due to Covid-19. We are proud of living in such a supportive community where organizations and people are calling out and finding ways to support one another during hard times. We are all in this together, indeed, so to continue our #giveback challenge for every month of our anniversary year, we wanted support a fellow small business.

Every industry across the globe has been affected by this pandemic and animal shelters and rescue organizations are no exception to that. They are still caring for animals while their doors are closed to the public. So this month, we were happy to buy locally from Cheyenne Dog Food Company and donate to Cheyenne Dog Food Company so our four-legged friends can continue being fed and loved on. 

In addition to the donation to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, RMI proudly made a donation to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Wyoming. Our participation went to help the VFW improve and expand the programs to serve the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Wyoming and build a better America. The VFW helps to provide many veterans and their families with the following services:

  • Encouraging patriotism among today’s youth, through community programs and college scholarships.
  • Providing comfort and assistance to our hospitalized veterans and their families in need.
  • Serving as an advocate for disabled veterans or their survivors applying for state and federal benefits.
  • Representing the interests of veterans in  the halls of government.
  • Honoring the flag and the sacrifice of brave men and women who die to keep it flying freely.

There are many other ways, regardless of the amount, that one can give and continue buying local to contribute to the local economy. Get a curb-side restaurant service or surprise your loved ones with a gift card from your favorite business. Check out Visit Cheyenne’s page for a few ideas where you can buy online and give back.

Written by: Fatma Inal-Falls