Staff Portfolio

Staff Portfolio

Alyssa Winter

Digital Marketing & PR Specialist

Born in Augusta, Georgia, and raised throughout the United States as part of a military family, Alyssa moved from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to start at RMI in January 2023. She is our Digital Marketing and PR Specialist, which includes responsibilities like managing RMI’s social media program, PR coordination, media monitoring, starting her path into design as well as a specialty in creative writing and photography.

See some of her recent work below:

Social Media
Alyssa, aka RMI’s Social Media Guru, is the main point of contact for all things social media. She creates content, coordinates and manages over a dozen social media accounts across different clientele.
Press/Media Trips
Alyssa assists in organizing and managing familiarization tours for media professionals from seven international markets, including the UK, Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Australia/New Zealand and the Nordics.
Media Monitoring
Alyssa manages media monitoring and analysis for the Great American West region via online news, social media, print, broadcast and podcasts. Reports built are then used in creating various reporting materials for multiple clients across the company and compiling the information into one visually appealing, easy-to-read document.
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