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Rocky Mountain International is in the business of providing next-level value and customer service to our clients. Our skill is broad and encompasses a range of international tourism marketing and business development services with a special focus and understanding of the American West tourism industry.

At RMI, our clients are treated as partners. We are rooted in the commitment to customer service, leadership, teamwork, professionalism, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. We take pride in our work and represent our customers with integrity, courage, humility and accountability. We have fun, work hard and do what has to be done.

As experts in our field, we will be at the forefront of the global travel industry and significantly contribute to job creation, tax revenues and increased quality of life in our home region.

RMI headquarters are in Cheyenne, Wyoming with overseas operations in London, Munich, Denmark, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Sydney.

meet the team

Mathias Jung

Owner & CEO

I work for the team. I fill in when needed and provide tools for success and stay out of the way. Otherwise, things like business operations, strategy and growth, client relationships and fiscal operations keep me occupied. When I’m not at the office, I like to be with friends and family. You may find me backpacking across the Rocky Mountains, at a baseball game, playing poker or golf and all in all just trying to live the good life!

Favorite vacation: Costa Rica! Pura Vida!
Buckle Club Name: Cowboy Joe
Fun fact: I don’t have a middle name!
Hero: Theodore Roosevelt

Lori Yunker

Global Marketing Program Director

Do what you love/love what you do – I can finally say I’m doing this working at RMI! Combining my love for marketing with my passion for travel has been a fulfilling and amazing experience. I manage four of our international markets and love the challenge of strategic product development and the art of presentation and decision making. When I’m not off adventuring, you’ll find me reading, gardening, and tackling projects with my husband. And if you’re into karaoke, I’m your girl.

Best Vacation: Paris, Venice and Rome with the hubs.
Buckle Club Name: Lori “Yippee-Ki-Yay” Yunker
Coffee Order: Gross. Iced tea, please.
Life Motto: Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.

Kim Snape

Global Marketing & PR Manager

Between managing three international markets, all things communications, and facilitating visits with overseas journalists, I get to enjoy our public lands and the great outdoors! You can catch me most weekends in the mountains hiking with my husband and two dogs, or mowing down on some local cuisine. You can never go wrong with good food and scenic views!

Favorite vacation: Anywhere in the mountains!
Buckle Club Name: Kim “Killshot” Snape
Coffee order: Iced Coconut Milk Latte

Nicole Lebsack

Creative Development & Communications Manager

As creative marketing specialist, I work with the RMI team to create and manage the visual components of our projects and communications. When I’m not flexing my creative muscles on the job, you can find me hiking, biking, gardening, brushing up on my quilting skills and whipping a new (old) house into shape.

Favorite vacation spot: Venice, Italy
Fun fact: I have my motorcycle license (but haven’t ridden in quite awhile!).
Favorite summer activity: Anything outside, particularly hiking or riding my bike
Favorite winter activity: Skiing, when I can find the time
Coffee order: Classic Americano

rmi international

We have the best international representation around. Check out our awesome overseas team!

Caroline Davidson

Australia/New Zealand
Trade & Media

Marjolein Fraanje

Trade & Media

Emmanuelle Blondin

Trade & Media

Susanne Schmitt


Carola Kolmann

Media & PR

Olga Mazzoni

Trade & Media

Annalisa Mereghetti

Trade & Media

Hanna Johansson


Helene Hofverberg

Media & PR

Jenni Bridgman

Trade & Media

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core values

What you do in those day-to-day moments, matters.
We strongly believe in our core values as driving forces for what we do each and every day.


Drive growth for stakeholders, community, and economy. Help your neighbor, volunteer, and provide service to others above self.


Care about people and community. Take pride in your work. Create lasting human relationships and epitomize connection. Build an environment of honesty and trustworthiness.

be a pro

Come prepared. Represent well. Work smart and write down goals. Know where to draw the line. Deliver.


Be open-minded. Anticipate, embrace and lead change. Be a pioneer. Work toward life-long learning.


Remain positive and laugh often. Leave it on the field. Practice rational non-attachment. Live life to its fullest.


Work transparently and with ethical decision-making. Build and earn trust. Ride for the brand. Be honest and accountable.

"Go team!"

Family, friends and team come first. Empower yourself. Remain positive. Build each other up and help each other overcome.


Take risks. Travel the world. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and stand on your own two feet. There is no education like adversity.


Listen. Be solution oriented. Read between the lines and identify the real problem. Communicate effectively and efficiently. No problem is too small. Do more with less.

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We’re a small team of driven professionals – with a strong admiration for what we do – here to leave a lasting impression on the tourism industry.

We work hard and don’t forget to have fun too! We get together as a team and celebrate our work and each other.